Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DVR your time with others and God?

Lots of things have changed in the U.S. culture in my time overseas. Wives and husbands no longer have to argue about asking for directions  because there are GPS'. You can access the Internet just about anywhere now with your Smart Phone. You can carry a full library of books now on your Tablet.....

I can remember a time when folks would re-arrange their schedule for that one T.V. show they did not want to miss....but now you are in control of your T.V.------ T.V. is not in control of you. YOU CAN JUST DVR IT! So what ever show or should I say shows( now that there is DVR you can follow more than one show) you can watch them when ever it is convenient for you.

This idea of control or time management spills over into many aspects of our lives. There are many books on the subject, webinars, and personal consultants that can help your time be better organized. There are also so many things that are being advertised to help us save time so we can spend it on how WE WANT! Our work,play,relationships and even our family time is all scheduled. 

I am not advocating no planning or time management but I am just encouraging us to be careful that we are not so fixed on OUR schedule, OUR plans, OUR agendas that we are not open to what God would have for us to be, to do or not do!

Have you ever met a friend for coffee and feel that you are just a 30min slot in their scheduled day? As we have been visiting a lot of different American churches-- one common buzz word that I am hearing over and over is "COMMUNITY". Pastors are challenging the church to live in community. Often this is followed by some elaborately scheduled program to help cultivate this community,but as a friend said to me this week, " It feels more like 'steril' community".

When you look at the Jewish culture during biblical times they did community well.....so the idea the early Christians having everything in common,sharing bread together,giving to anyone who had need...was not as foreign as these concepts are today in our current western culture.

One of the many things I have learned from my African sisters and brothers is that they know how to do community! People are valued over time-management! Relationships trump all! And as Christ infuses their culture they show the world His love by walking together,sharing life,praying with each other,crying together in the sorrows and celebrating the joys. Basically, they show up and are present in each others lives!

Let's not DVR our time with others--God has made us for community--community with Him and others!

Sometimes I think if we are not careful we can take our 'DVR' attitude and begin to 'DVR' our time with God. WE decide how much time we are going to give Him or maybe we may be tempted to think "I'll just DVR my time with God today, this week, or this month. Thinks are so crazy right now--it is such a busy season....I will catch up with my God -time later....." DVR may work great for your T.V. shows but not with our time with our Lord. God may want you to cancel your plans for the morning and spend longer in focus time with Him.....or He may ask you to cut your mountain- top experience short to join Him in the valley at a friends hospital bed..... What ever it may be....let us tune our ears and heart to hear His voice and let Him show up!

The next time you use your DVR for that favorite show.....please just push the pause button and ask yourself am I open to God today--showing up now? Am I open to the people He is bringing in my life? Am I willing to go where He wants be to go? Be who he wants me to be?

DVR your time with others and God? I do not think so!